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All About

ChiroCribs started in early 2010 when a client doctor of the Chiropractic Business Academy (CBA) showed his homemade video of his office buildout.  Everyone who saw the video that day was blown away.  Since then the ChiroCribs has been a regular portion of the CBA workshops, with doctors showing their ‘office makeovers’ and viral office tour videos...this is contagious stuff!

The goal of having the ChiroCribs site was to inspire other Chiropractors to transform their offices from a ‘clinic’ into an OASIS...not home, not work, but that third place in between where their patrons can come and get their power turned on!

Welcome to the site and we hope you have fun!

About the Chiropractic Business Academy

The Chiropractic Business Academy is a Chiropractic business mentorship and apprenticeship program where doctors from all over North America are shown rock-solid business systems and innovative, kick-butt marketing.  The aims of the CBA are to help doctors work much less IN the practice and more ON the practice...oh yea - most doctors make A TON MORE MONEY when they put in our principled systems!

The CBA does not ask the doctors to change their adjusting style nor philosophy, just learn the systems and they will have massive EXPANSION in their offices and EASILY be able to manage staff...very cool kung-fu!

If the CBA program interests you, give them a jingle @ 1-888-989-0855 and ask Austin for a Free CD-Rom loaded with some of their successful marketing approaches and videos.

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